History & Profile


On January 1st, 1983, Lawrin Rosen founded a company called ARTeffects, with the goal of setting new standards in the sign industry for innovation, skill, and artistry. Training in fine art, commercial design, and architectural history combined with practical experience in outdoor advertising laid the groundwork for a unique enterprise. As the company expanded so did its scope, growing to include multiple facets of architectural fabrication and corporate art. Entering the 21st century, ARTeffects, edited its ‘street name’, or D/B/A to ARTfx for simpler online identification.

Today, our Bloomfield, Connecticut facility hosts designers from the nation’s leading art schools, craftsmen with decades of industry experience, and project managers with a diversity of backgrounds - all committed to the model set forth 37 years ago. Though our work has increased in scale and scope, the focus on artistry and attention to detail remains as it was the day the doors opened in 1983. And Lawrin, when not at his desk, visiting clients, or at job sites, can still be found in the manufacturing departments engaged in various hands-on endeavors or carefully inspecting the work before it leaves the facility.